Holistic Gut Health Expert


and what to do once you have the answers.

If you feel frustrated and secretly wish someone found something ‘wrong’ with you, then you’re going to love this free masterclass. 


During this free online masterclass you’ll discover:


  • WHY you experience the symptoms that you do.

  • WHAT is really happening in your gut, 

  • WHY no one has ever given you answers. And...

  • HOW you can start healing your gut so you can live your best life. 


Find out what’s really happening with your gut, and the steps you can take to transform your health.

Without wasting countless hours on Google or tons of money on specialist appointments.

The Speaker

Rachel Larsson - Holistic Gut Health Expert

BHSc Naturopathy (distinction) BPH Nutrition 

Rachel Larsson is a holistic gut health expert that specialises in gut health, food intolerances, detoxification and mental health. She is also a qualified SIBO practitioner, CIRS/Mould Aware Health Professional and is registered with Australian Natural Therapies Association.


Rachel has a passion for facilitating meaningful change and helping individuals live their best life. She has a unique approach to supporting her patients through her Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program which combines gut health, food as medicine, functional testing, evidence-based medicine, nutritional biochemistry and mindfulness. 

As seen in

"Rachel is an exceptional practitioner who has provided me with evidence-based care throughout my health journey. Working within the complex field of gut health, Rachel has shared her comprehensive knowledge and customised my care to suit my needs.

She has listened intently and picked up on key pieces of information. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone wanting support in reaching their health goals." 


"I was very impressed with Rachel's professionalism, approachable and friendly nature, holistic approach to health, and knowledge. I felt immediately at ease in her presence, and felt supported through the whole process."