A busy person's guide to cheap, easy and time saving kitchen hacks for a healthier life. Part 2

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

By now you should have had a fresh wave of inspiration for healthy and quick breakfasts and snacks, if not, you can quickly get up to speed with part 1 here. Now it's time to share with you part two of my busy person's guide with ideas for mains and desserts.



  • Vegetables: In a day aim for >5 serves of vegetables (1 serve = 1/2 C cooked or 1 C raw). Aiming for this will help with all daily vitamin, mineral and fibre requirements and get extra goodies such as phytonutrients that have amazing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Protein. To assist with satiety and to provide amino acids that have endless bodily functions which are essential for life. Whether it be plant derived such as legumes, pulses, nuts, seeds and soy or animal based such as chicken, fish, beef, lamb and eggs, they are all great sources.

  • Fats. In particular omega-3 are essential for us to consume (our body doesn't make them). Great sources include salmon, mackerel, trout and sardines. Although not omega-3 rich extra-virgin olive oil and avocado are also wonderful choices for nourishing fat rich foods.

  • Complex carbohydrates. If you eat grains, opt for whole food versions when possible. This means consuming grains them in their whole, truest to nature form e.g. barley pearls, rice grains or quinoa grains rather than products made out of these refined flours. Of course, savour your pasta and bread when your heart desires, but be aware they have gone through some form of processing, which may have altered their nutritional value versus their whole counterpart.


  • Frozen Fish. Choose un-battered options when you can. So simple and delicious, as the fish is cooking quickly throw together a salad and you are done.

  • Frittata. Perfect when you want a warming protein rich meal but are time poor. On a Sunday evening (for example) throw your favourite vegetables, eggs and top with herbs spices and optional feta and you have an easy meal for the following days.

  • Batch cooking. Making a little extra when cooking is one of my personal favourites. Great freezable options include lasagne, soups, casseroles and curries. These dishes can frozen for weeks to months in advance and can be drawn upon when the time needs

  • Sauces. It's what makes the meal, am I right? Making batch sauces like satay, pesto, olive tapenade or lemon/mustard/olive oil dressing and freeze into ice-cubes will ensure no dish goes without flavour.

  • Stuffed sweet potato. A baked sweet potato stuffed with the yummy flavours of your choosing is quick comfort food 101. The recipes and flavour combinations are endless, your best friend is Google for some inspiration.

  • Miso and bone broths pastes. Especially in winter one or both of these to have on hand is a great idea. Some miso or bone broth with chopped vegetables and chicken or tofu will give you a complete meal.

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  • Nourishing your body is more than just about the nutrients. Honouring your mental, emotional and social health and allowing yourself a dessert or sweet treat is considered also nourishing.

  • IMPORTANT: This also means when you want a 'traditional' dessert full of refined sugar, gluten and dairy that this is totally ok. Sometimes, nothing will feed you like some flakey, butter pastry or your favourite Ben & Jerry's.


  • Fruit & Yoghurt. I know this isn't a groundbreaking idea, but honestly, pairing your favourite fruits with some delicious yoghurt can't be beaten. Try this coconut yoghurt recipe, so creamy!

  • Dark chocolate. Choosing a higher percentage of cacao will give you the chocolate hit without the desire to eat the whole block (well, hopefully).

  • Chocolate avocado mousse. A delightful way to indulge that is dairy free and full of healthy fats.

  • Topped medjool date. One or two medjool dates topped with 100% nut butter and cinnamon is heaven in a mouthful.

  • Freezing in advance. If there is a recipe that takes a bit more time and effort to prepare, create in advance and freeze. It could be your favourite bliss balls, vegan cheesecake, banana ice-cream or gluten-free cake or anything else that you deem treat worthy and have it on hand for when the time comes.

  • Some of my favourite recipes include: Cherry Choc Coconut Bliss Balls, Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake, Choc-Hazelnut Truffles and Yoghurt and Blackberry Cheesecake.