Choc Mint Vegan Cheesecake

Updated: Mar 24

This recipe is always an absolute hit when served to family and friends. It's the perfect dessert that combines indulgence and nutritional nourishment.

Whilst I understand and believe not every meal needs to tick all the nutritional boxes, it's nice to know there is an option.

This recipe also caters for anyone with gluten, dairy, egg and soy intolerances or allergies and is vegan friendly. It also contain veggies, not for nutritional purposes, but for practical reasons. You can't even taste them!

So, enjoy this beauty!



  • 1 C medjool dates

  • 2 C raw hazelnuts ground

  • 1/4 C raw cacao powder

  • 1 Tbsp melted coconut oil

  • Pinch of salt


  • 800 ml coconut cream

  • 250g cashew butter

  • 1/3 C rice malt syrup

  • 1/2 C raw cacao powder

  • peppermint essential oil, approx 3-5 drops (or to taste)

  • 15 spinach leaves or natural green food dye

  • Pinch of salt


  • Dark chocolate - good quality of choice e.g. 85% Lindt or a vegan alternative.

  • 1-2 Tbsp cacao nibs

  • Fresh mint

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Making the Base

  1. Line a cake tin with baking paper

  2. In a food processor add ground hazelnuts, dates, cacao, coconut oil and salt in a food processor and blend until crumbly in texture.

  3. Evenly press mixture into the cake tin, and place tin in freeze while you make the filling.

· Making the Filling

  1. In a blender/nutribullet add coconut cream, cashew butter, rice malt syrup and salt. Blend until combined.

  2. Split the filling into two even quantities.

  3. To one half of the mixture add cacao and blend until smooth. (note: remaining mixture can stay on at room temperature and is best not to be put into the fridge. Just ensure mixture if covered or the lid is on)

  4. Pour the chocolate filling into the base and set in the freezer for at least 2 hours, or until firm.

  5. Whilst the chocolate filling is starting to firm, make the peppermint filling.

  6. Add to remaining half of the mixture add the remaining spinach leaves or food colouring and peppermint oil and blend until smooth.

  7. Carefully pour the filling onto the chocolate mixture to create two defined layers.

  8. Place in freezer overnight

· Decoration

  1. Take the dessert out create a decorative pattern with the melted dark chocolate, fresh fresh mint and cacao nibs.

  2. When serving, take the dessert out for 30-1 hour until mixture starts to soften. Treat this cheesecake like ice-cream; too hot and it will become liquid and too cold and will be too solid.


* You can make your own cashew butter by using soaking 2 cups of cashews, in water for 24 hours. Drain and blend in a Nutribullet (or something similar) until smooth – adding some water one tablespoon at a time to help, if necessary.

Storage. This dessert will last 7+ days in the fridge, a few months in the freezer.

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