What can we learn from COVID-19?

Updated: 5 days ago

I choose to believe that in this pain, fear and panic there are many lessons to be learnt.

Whilst I discourage the idea that you need to be positive, happy and grateful all the time, and in fact encourage you to FEEL all the emotions that come up, I do believe there must be something you can learn and realise from times like these.

Otherwise, what would be the point?

I share with you the silver linings that I am learning in the hope you can start realise your own. In your own time, of course.

In addition to looking after your mental health, I question if you are looking after your immune system?

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You may already be self-prescribing, but the truth is you may not be getting the most out of your efforts because you do not know the following: ⁠

  • How to choose the most appropriate herb and nutrient for your particular needs.⁠

  • How to dose the supplement to get the best absorption, so you just aren't weeing it away⁠

  • If the supplement has been formulated using the right form of ingredients.

  • If your supplement has any interactions with the current supplements or medications you are taking

  • The best time to take your supplement⁠ ⁠

Working with me, a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, and receiving personalised advice will give you the

  • Peace of mind that you are supporting your immune health in the safest way possible

  • Confidence in treatment knowing you are using high quality practitioner-only products⁠

  • Knowledge to use food as medicine in the best way possible⁠

  • Ability to make lifestyle choices to support yourself at this time.⁠

  • Comfort of receiving a personalised health plan from the comfort of your own home.⁠

  • Space you need for self quarantine by staying at home whilst we online (Zoom or Skype). You can be anywhere in the world!

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For general immune health tips click here and try out these immune supportive recipes:



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