Enjoy 32 delicious, nutritious and gut friendly recipes that will help you say goodbye to bloating and hello to the life you deserve.

These original recipes have been carefully created by naturopath, nutritionist and holistic gut health expert, Rachel Larsson.


It has been inspired through Rachel's clinical experience working with individuals suffering with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth SIBO), leaky gut, bloating, food intolerances and allergies as well as whole range of gut issues and struggling to find recipes that soothe their gut and taste delicious.


By enjoying these recipes, you can start to feel your bloating reduce, energy increase and a love for food return.

All recipes are gluten-free (GF), dairy-free (DF), low refined-sugar and low FODMAP, making them very low fructose and lactose.

Vegan (VE), vegetarian (V), egg-free (EF) and nut-free (NF) optional are available.

In addition to these easy and scrumptious meals, you also have an additional Easy Peasy Food Guide with no-cook bloat friendly foods as well as a This vs That resource to help you make better foods choices for your belly.


Bon appetit!

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