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Nourished Life Podcast

Join me on Nourished Life's Podcast Talking Clean with Irene on all things gut health. We get clear on why it is important to listen to your gut.

In this episode, you'll learn:

• What is the microbiome and why we can't leave without it.

• Where can we find genuine information today about gut health?

• What are the most basic principles and small changes super easy to implement in your daily life to feel better?

& much more!


Enjoy from over 20 different low carb, clean, healthy and nutritious products made from the cleanest and healthiest ingredients to help enhance your body, mind and beauty.

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Support your gut with delicious products from Gevity Rx. Their Body Glue is the world’s most nutrient-dense bone broth containing purified and concentrated key nutrients to heal your gut.

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Nourish Melbourne Business

Rachel Larsson is part of Nourish Melbourne's business community. Nourish Melbourne is Melbourne's first wellness collaborative effort, bringing together the best of Melbourne’s natural, organic and holistic health businesses.

Nourish Melbourne Members receive exclusive discounts as part of joining the community.


Health Expert & Article Contributor

​Before IQS closed its doors, Rachel authored the article Are your bugs in charge of your sugar cravings? This article is now available exclusively in the 5 Ways Your Gut Bugs Influence Your Sugar Cravings eBook.

Find out what your gut bugs are really up to, and the steps you can take to transform your health.


Guest Blogger & Featured Alumni

My perfectionism meant that my years of study were filled with fear, pressure and anxiety rather optimism, patience and inquisitiveness. To no surprise, this mentality came at a big cost to my physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Read the full article Three Lessons In Dealing With Perfectionism below.


Guest Speaker on Episode Rachel Larsson

Episode: Rachel Larsson, a Naturopath & Nutritionist and Gut, Bloating and Anxiety Expert

We talk about why you may be experiencing the symptoms that you are and why gut health is interconnected with all aspects of our wellbeing.


Content Contributor

Recipes include Chamomile, Cinnamon & Pear Porridge, and Warmly Spiced Nut Butter


Content Contributor

Author of The Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms: How To Choose The Right One For Your Health


Festival Speaker

Host of event Is your IBS BS? Discover the number one cause of bloating and food intolerance no-one is talking about.

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