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The Wood Life

Join me on The Wood Life Podcast with Sam Wood where we discuss how you can translate what your body is telling you, how you can balance your gut and heal your bloat.

In this episode, you'll also learn:

• What is causing your bloating

• Why a holistic approach is needed to beat the bloat for good

• If food is the trigger or the cause of your gut symptoms

• What your poo says about your gut health

& much more!

Affiliate Practitioner

The latest, most advanced digestive breath testing devices for people with SIBO, IBS and certain digestive issues. Monitor your meals, stress, sleep and symptoms and test your fermentation level with personalised, real-time results.

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Enjoy from over 20 different low carb, clean, healthy and nutritious products made from the cleanest and healthiest ingredients to help enhance your body, mind and beauty.

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Ambassador & Featured Nutritionist

Support your health with one of the fastest growing online health food stores in Australia with natural organic products. Shop healthy snacks and monthly boxes.

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Health Expert & Article Contributor

​Before IQS with Sarah Wilson closed its doors, Rachel authored the article Are your bugs in charge of your sugar cravings? This article is now available exclusively in the 5 Ways Your Gut Bugs Influence Your Sugar Cravings eBook.

Find out what your gut bugs are really up to, and the steps you can take to transform your health.


Guest Blogger & Featured Alumni

My perfectionism meant that my years of study were filled with fear, pressure and anxiety rather optimism, patience and inquisitiveness. To no surprise, this mentality came at a big cost to my physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Read the full article Three Lessons In Dealing With Perfectionism below.


Guest Speaker on Agents of Wellness Podcast

Rachel Larsson is part of Nourish Melbourne's business community and has been a guest speaker on their podcast. In this episode Rachel speaks about epigenetics, the gut-hormone connection, leaky gut, gluten, debunking myths about probiotics and so much more.


Guest Speaker on Unprocessed Podcast

This episode will discuss how different aspects of the digestive system can affect our bodies in various ways - from skin issues to hormones - and provide tips on taking the first step towards identifying why we don't feel 100%.


Guest Speaker on Episode Rachel Larsson

Episode: Rachel Larsson

We talk about why you may be experiencing the symptoms that you are and why gut health is interconnected with all aspects of our wellbeing.


Guest Speaker on Episode 51 Rachel Larsson

In this episode, Irene talks about all things gut health with Rachel Larsson, a holistic gut health expert.


Guest Speaker on Episode 88

In this episode, Dr Nirala Jacobi shares her favourite functional gut tests as well as discussing with my my experience and opinion of functional testing which is a huge part of my clinical practice.


Guest Speaker on Episode 419. Is your IBS BS?

This episode answers the question 'is your IBS BS?' We explore root causes including the roles of the vagal nerve, food intolerances and food allergies, SIBO, SIFO, functional testing and so much more. 


Guest Speaker on Episode 438. Bloating - Basics, IBS, SIBO and Testing

This episode takes a deep dive into the all-too-common symptom of bloating. We discuss the basis of optimal digestive health, including the impact of the nervous system, the roles of IBS and SIBO, specific functional tests and so much more.   


Guest Speaker on Episode 459. Histamines, Salicylates, Sulphates & Oxalates

This episode we explore your gut and food chemical sensitivities. We consider your symptom profile, teach you how to distinguish between food triggers, discuss the role of testing and so much more


Guest Speaker on Episode 485: What's New In Microbiome Testing

This episode you will learn the importance of metagenomic sequencing, the functional gut microbiome profile including metabolites, targeted pathogen and parasite panels and their limitations.


Guest Speaker on Episode 44: You’ve Been Told You Have IBS, Now What?

This episode is absolutely for you if you’re challenged by bloating, constipation, loose bowel motions, frequent bowel motions, nausea or even just a feeling of leaving the toilet with unfinished business.


Guest Speaker on Episode: Improve your gut health to change your life

This episode is chocka full of information that can help us to improve our gut health!


Content Contributor

Recipes include Chamomile, Cinnamon & Pear Porridge, and Warmly Spiced Nut Butter


Content Contributor

A Wanderlust interview where Rachel shares five clues that your gut is out of whack.


Gut Health Expert Content Contributor

Virtual Show 2020, Christmas Show 2020 and Virtual Show 2021

Festival Speaker

Host of event Is your IBS BS? Discover the number one cause of bloating and food intolerance no-one is talking about.

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