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Who is The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program for?

This program is for you if...

• You are tired of being in pain, bloated and uncomfortable without understanding why or what has caused it.

• You’re overwhelmed by the huge amount of conflicting health and dietary advice available and don’t know where to begin.

• You are consumed with feelings of fear, anxiety and embarrassment at every meal time.

• You are frustrated with the amount of time and money you have spent on trial and error supplements and diets without any success.

• You would love to wear anything you like knowing that by the end of the day you will still feel slim, comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Who is it not for?

This is NOT for you if…

• You want instant results and are impatient with your body’s healing journey.

• You are not ready to put yourself first and make the necessary changes to achieve the health and happiness you deserve.

• You are content living with regular pain, discomfort, bloating or irregular bowel motions.

• You are pregnant or breastfeeding. There are several herbs and nutrients not safe for use at this time. Enjoy this precious time nurturing your little one.

What's different about this program to everything else out there?

What sets The Gut Feeling to Gut Healing Program apart from anything else is the level of support, structure and expertise you receive.

This is NOT a cookie cutter approach where you are given generalised, superficial and band-aid advice, rather it is personalised program where your health is treated and supported from the root cause.

From the many options available, my expertise enables me to choose the most appropriate functional and pathology tests and dietary, supplement and lifestyle advice that is unique to your health needs.

It is through working one-on-one with me, qualified professional who has your health and safety as my number one priority, that you can finally receive the specific care your health needs for long lasting results.

Can you claim on private health insurance?

Yes, you can. As a qualified and registered nutritionist, you may be able to claim on consultations if your private health insurance covers nutrition. Please check your individual health provider for details.

Am I ready to commit?

While this is a personal consideration, I have heard in the past the copious amounts of time spent on trial and error, consulting Google, listening to podcasts, and blindly visiting health food stores.

Part of 'being ready' is taking a leap, opening yourself up to guidance in a way that offers strong support and accountability.

Each day you will wake up knowing you have an individualised plan, all laid out for you – saving you mental and emotional energy.

I am 100% in your corner giving you the tools, skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Can this really get me the results I want?

Honesty, transparency and realistic expectations is what I am about and the truth is, achieving all your health goals can be tricky and takes time.

Why no guarantee? The healing journey is completely different for everyone. When you acknowledge the many influences that make up health including genetics, diet, stress, social wellbeing, exercise, biochemistry and toxin exposure, you can see why this process is highly variable.

It is for this very reason The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program is individualised to your needs and provides the opportunity to transition off program work to maintenance consultations to continue your health journey.

My health is complicated, will this work for me?

My years of clinical experience working alongside integrative GPs has meant I have worked with all sorts of people. Many of which believe they are ‘too sick and difficult to fix’. Whilst I appreciate the individual complexities you may bring, this simply means we need to dig deeper for answers and adapt our approach to find the right support for you.

Together we will work to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and insights needed to start healing. Even if you have seen several practitioners, tried countless diets, and supplements without success.

Are testing and supplements included in the price of program?

The cost of testing as well as herbal and nutritional supplements are in addition to the cost to The Gut Feeling to Gut Healing Program. This is an individualised approach and will always vary from person to person.


Working online means I support patients all over the world. There are only two exceptions being the United States of America and Canada. When working with patients outside of Australia, access to supplements and tests as well as postage time frames need to be considered.

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