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Rachel has closed her books to new patients for 1:1 appointments on The Gut Feeling to Gut Healing Program

1:1 appointments with Rachel is only available through her course Bloated to Body Confident.

To learn how Rachel can help you live a normal life full of freedom, confidence and energy, without food anxiety and digestive discomfort book in for a FREE 15 minute compatibility call with her.


The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program

As part of my role in facilitating your journey to heal and reach optimal health, I integrate the holistic approach of naturopathy with current, scientifically supported treatments.

This unique blend of nature and science inspired the creation of my signature program, The Gut Feeling to Gut Healing program, a 1:1 guidance program personalised to your needs.

✓ Practitioner Only Products

Access to practitioner-only nutritional and herbal supplements for targeted results.

✓ Functional Testing

Discover the root cause of your concerns through accurate functional testing methods. Experience better digestion sooner and enjoy food again.

✓ Nutritional Biochemistry

Assistance in correcting biochemical imbalances to provide your body with the environment it requires to restore balance and optimal health.

✓ Wellbeing Support

A Mind-Gut Connection Workbook to track your success. Keep the motivation alive and stay connected to your emotional wellbeing.

✓ Research & Analysis

Additional time and resources dedicated to research and test analysis to optimise each consultation and accelerate your healing journey.

✓ Dietary & Lifestyle Advice

Personalised lifestyle and dietary support and resources to support your unique health journey. This is especially important if you have food intolerances, IBS or SIBO.


Why Work With Me?

I know what it's like to have fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system. Learn more about why I'm so passionate about getting to the root cause.

Rachel's clinic is LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent friendly.


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Book in a follow up appointment if you are a current patient.

If you are a new patient book in for a FREE 15-20 min Compatibility Call to see how Rachel can support you.


Got Questions?

If you've got a question, we've probably answered it! Go to our FAQ page to see if this program will suit you at this time in your life.


What Clients Say

Insights into my clients success stories

"I can honestly say that I saw significant alleviation of symptoms after working with Rachel and I live with so much more ease now.  I learnt so much from her wisdom and knowledge that she shared with me. She was extremely devoted to helping me and continued to Skype me even when I moved away."


"I can’t recommend Rachel enough. She is so warm & easy to talk to and extremely thorough. After working with her for the last few months I have been able to reintroduce foods that would previously triggered my IBS, with no symptoms at all. After years of being told by doctors and a dietician that low FODMAP was the only way to manage my IBS, finding Rachel was an absolute game changer."


"After suffering from debilitating health issues for a long time and not getting the help and guidance that I needed, it was such a relief to find Rachel. She is understanding of my individual history, symptoms and feelings regarding my health and I no longer feel hopeless or alone in my healing journey."


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