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Bloating Testing and Treatment


Bloating is the biggest issue I see in the clinic. Whether it be a conversation with a patient, a comment from someone doing my Bloated to Body Confident course or a message on social media, I always hear sufferers describe their bloat as if they look ‘six months pregnant’ when they are not.

It’s important to realise that bloating is a symptom of something else happening in the digestive system. There could be one or more reasons for the overproduction of gas and/or an issue with gas elimination.

The combination of these two results in painful and uncomfortable distension in the abodemen, which is often mistaken for the pregnancy bloat. In addition to the physical discomfort, bloating has a huge impact on your mental health, relationship with food, ability to wear clothes, go on holidays and socialise with loved ones.

Bloating is a complex issue to treat, especially when all of your tests have come back as normal. Often band-aid treatments are relied on for symptom relief, but unfortunately these do not address bloating at its root cause.

Good news! I have helped hundreds of women get rid of their bloating for good, let me tell you how.

Why you need to work with a holistic bloating practitioner

• The correct tests have been ordered to thoroughly understand the cause of your bloating

• The tests have been interpreted correctly which will help narrow down bloating treatment options

• The best holistic treatments for bloating have been chosen for your unique needs

• The underlying causes for bloating is being addressed, which will help reduce your risk of staying on long-term restrictive diets, or being stuck using ineffective symptom relief treatments

• Other complicated issues that contribute to bloating, such as microbiome dysbiosis, motility, inflammation and nervous system dysfunction are supported

• You will understand the importance of individualised dietary advice to support your bloating journey which will reduce food anxiety and confusion


Bloated to Body Confident 

The course that helps bloating, IBS and SIBO sufferers live a normal life full of freedom and confidence, without food anxiety and digestive discomfort, with the complete step-by-step system to heal your gut from the root cause.



What causes bloating?
Bloating is the result of something else happening in the digestive system. Often it’s a combination of the overproduction of gas and an issue with gas elimination. There are many reasons for both of these issues including microbiome imbalances, digestive enzyme insufficiencies, adhesions in the gut, leaky gut and altered motility.

How to relieve and reduce bloating?
It can take a long time to test, identify and address the root cause of your bloating which is why symptom relief support is an important part of the holistic treatment plan. Interventions that focus on quick relief and reduction of bloating are often band-aid supports so it’s important to not get stuck on these.

I share my favorite symptom reliefs in my free masterclass. So while you are feeling better in the short-term, keep digging deeper to identify your root cause for long lasting results.

How to test and find the cause of your bloating?
The best way to test for bloating and find the root cause is by using a combination of:

1. Diagnostic tests such as blood tests, colonoscopies and gastroscopies to help diagnose any gut related conditions that can contribute to bloating
2. Functional tests that assess the dysfunction of your digestive system. An example of these would be comprehensive stool tests, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth tests and leaky gut tests.

The combination of these help you understand your issue beyond a diagnosis or if a diagnostic test hasn’t provided results functional testing can often be where you get results. I share how to find the root cause of your bloating in my free masterclass

How to get treat and get rid of bloating for good?
You can only effectively treat and get rid of bloating for good when you are treating the root cause. You need to understand your unique set of causes for bloating to create an effective treatment. This means any treatment that is focused on purely providing symptom relief, such as dietary restriction, antibiotics or multiple supplements you can’t stop without a symptom flare.

In the free masterclass you can learn about the step-by-step approach to testing and treating your bloat so you can get rid of it for good.

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