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Food allergy or food intolerance?

As a naturopath specialising in gut health I hear so many people use the words food intolerance and food allergy interchangeably, without understanding they are totally different things!

I want to give you the breakdown of how they differ and provide you with some things you can do to help manage and potentially overcome these issues.

Easy Apricot and Coconut Energy Bars

My crusade against single-use plastics and unnecessary packaging continues. This means many snacks (such as bliss balls and muesli bars) are off my supermarket shopping list. These bars are gluten, dairy free and nut free and are vegan friendly. Cut them into pieces as big or small as you like, so you can create it as small snack, or something bigger when you really need your energy.

Baked Tempeh with Crunchy Peanut Sauce

What is tempeh and what is it made of? Tempeh is a traditional, fermented product made from legume seeds (commonly soy) which originates from Indonesia. Rhizopus oligosporus fungus strains are used most commonly in the fermentation of tempeh. To help introduce you to the world of tempeh, here is a fresh and delicious healthy recipe that is vegan friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Fibre-Rich Flax & Fig Bliss Balls

This recipe is the perfect energy and nutrient dense treat that your gut bugs will love. Each bliss ball contains a rich source of fibre which can help you fight cardiovascular disease, support a healthy weight and (my favourite) support the health of your gut.

The Only Green Smoothie You'll Ever Need

Well, sort of. What I really mean is that this formula for a green smoothie is the only thing you'll ever need to successfully make a yummy, nourishing smoothie. I'm all for putting your own twist to things, so here's a handy formula to work within.

Guilt-Free Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Based on one of my all time favourite chocolates, Ferrero Roche, I wanted to see if I could make some just as delicious but made from whole ingredients free from refined sugar, additives, preservatives and palm oil which are commonly found in store bought chocolate. This recipe also had some added perks of being gluten free, soy free and vegan friendly and paleo friendly. Enjoy!

Deliciously Zesty Herb Potato Salad

The classic BBQ favourite, potato salad is healthier for you than you may realise. Cooked and cooled potato is one of the highest sources of resistant starch (RS). Resistant starch offers many health benefits that include improving blood sugar control, and reducing cardiovascular disease risk factors. It is also a type of starch that can resist digestion in the small intestine which allows it to reach your colon.

Treatment for Candida, Fungal and Yeast Overgrowth

Candida, yeast and fungal infections are more common than you think, and are responsible for so many random, niggling symptoms that you can't ignore. These guys are masters of survival, so when wanting to overcome an overgrowth or infection, there is a lot to consider in the treatment process. To help you understand if you have an issue and what to do about it, here are the must knows.

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