Holistic Gut Health Expert


and what to do about it


If you are battling with overwhelming sugar cravings and want to take back control over your health, then you're going to love this resource written exclusively for I Quit Sugar.


In this free resource you’ll discover:


  • WHAT your gut bugs have to do with your sugar cravings,

  • WHAT is really happening in your gut, 


  • HOW you can start supporting your gut so you can a life free of sugar cravings,

  • RECIPES to help you say goodbye to the little sugar monsters.


Find out what your gut bugs are really up to, and the steps you can take to transform your health.

Without wasting countless hours on Google or thousands of dollars on supplements and diets that don't help.

Author, Rachel Larsson, has been featured in:

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"Rachel is an exceptional practitioner who has provided me with evidence-based care throughout my health journey. Working within the complex field of gut health, Rachel has shared her comprehensive knowledge and customised my care to suit my needs.

She has listened intently and picked up on key pieces of information. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone wanting support in reaching their health goals." 


"I have just started seeing Rachel for issues with my gut/bloating and energy and within 2 weeks, I am already feeling so much better!


My bloating has reduced to nearly none and I have lost 6 kgs already. I have been getting compliments from my colleagues and family and feel so much happier and confident.


I met Rachel through a 60 minute online consultation in which she listened to all my concerns and went through my history to determine the right treatment plan for me. She was approachable and kind and made me feel very comfortable.


Coming from someone who has put off sorting my gut issues for years and years, I am so happy that I was introduced to Rachel and am excited about my happier and healthier future!"