A personalised gut healing program to help you love your guts again.

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Do you feel anxious, embarrassed and self-conscious every time you eat, especially when you are out socialising?


Do you feel hopeless or depressed knowing your health is holding you back from living your best life?


Do you constantly feel bloated, in pain or fatigued and don’t love who you are anymore?


Do you feel like your body has been hijacked and you no longer trust your body?


Do you feel frustrated, desperate for answers and secretly wish someone found something ‘wrong’ with you?


I too have experienced a sense of despair and disappointment you are feeling and have been told ‘we don’t have any answers', 'your tests have come back normal’ and ‘just accept this is your life’. It’s truly gut wrenching to hear.

But like you, I knew this was not my truth. My gut told me to keep searching for answers.

I had to follow my gut instinct. 

It was through my pain and frustrations that I became a qualified gut health expert, in the hope of understanding myself better and ultimately helping others with similar issues.

Until now, your health has been viewed as a binary state of being - you are either healthy or you are ill or have a disease. However, you are only ill if your health issue can be picked up by mainstream diagnostic and pathology testing or it can be given a label. - there is no in between





In truth, there is a spectrum of health and between optimal living and a disease state which represents a time of dysfunctional or imbalanced health.


This ‘no man’s land’, of dysfunction and imbalance, is a crucial part of the spectrum that many standard, diagnostic tests may not pick up on because you haven’t quite reached disease state (thank goodness), but ergo…

‘nothing is wrong’.







Through my years of training and clinical experience this ‘no man's land' you have found yourself in is where I excel. 


Combining my natural approach with the latest in evidence-based medicine and functional testing means I have gained the ultimate skill set for holistic healing. 

I view and appreciate all of your experiences, signs and symptoms to be messages from your body communicating where the imbalance lies and where it needs help.


Together, let’s start listening to what your body really needs and help it heal so you can enjoy those simple life pleasures that you have been missing out on.


How your life will change when you can eat at your favourite cafe and you can freely order anything off the menu, knowing you will feel happy, healthy and nourished.

How your life will change when you can choose any outfit in your wardrobe, knowing that by the end of the day you will still feel comfortable and confident in it.

How you will feel when you regain the energy and vitality you once had, so you can show up and

live your best life.

Waking up each day without feeling anxious about food, worried about how it will make you feel and what embarrassing consequence you will have to endure.

The relief when you start to understand your health better and no longer feel that your

body has let you down.


The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program is a holistic program that is completely tailored to your health needs, desires and goals. 

I'm taking on a small number of people to work with me and receive holistic assessment and personalised plans to help heal your gut and completely transform your health and life.


 The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program is the most supportive program on offer that will help you achieve genuine, life-changing results, so you can finally be free, feel great, confident and live an utterly enjoyable life.  



2 x 60 minute and ongoing 45 minute 1:1 consultations via Telehealth or Zoom. At this time, I will provide you with personalised, holistic and evidence based advice, saving you hours on Dr Google, so you can spend quality time with loved ones.

Practitioner Only Products

Access to evidence-based, practitioner only nutritional and herbal supplements which will save you wasting thousands of dollars on trial and error, poor quality treatments.

Dietary & Lifestyle Advice

Holistic and individualised lifestyle and dietary support and resources so you can avoid the overwhelming process of sifting through the huge amount of conflicting health advice available online. 

Functional Testing

Access to functional testing options which can help us identify and address the root cause quicker so you can finally experience better digestion and enjoy food again.

Nutritional Biochemistry

Assistance in correcting biochemical imbalances to provide your body with the environment it requires to restore balance so it can start healing.

Emotional Wellbeing Support

The Mind-Gut Connection Workbook to track your wins, keep the motivation alive and stay connected with your emotional health and wellbeing.

Research & Analysis

Additional time dedicated to research and test analysis so we can optimise each consultation with the data and information required for your healing journey.




"After 10 years of gut issues affecting my daily life I finally found Rachel after many years of no resolve. The minute I met her I felt comfortable and in good hands, she was so easy to talk to and attentive.

I can now finally say I feel great with my digestive problems now in the past and I can enjoy eating a vast and healthy diet again.

Cannot recommend Rachel enough! Thank you again Rachel!!"


"I was very impressed with Rachel's professionalism, approachable and friendly nature, holistic approach to health, and knowledge. I felt immediately at ease in her presence, and felt supported through the whole process."


"Rachel is an exceptional practitioner who has provided me with evidence-based care throughout my health journey. Working within the complex field of gut health, Rachel has shared her comprehensive knowledge and customised my care to suit my needs. 


Providing the flexibility of skype consultations, she has enabled me to fit in consultations around work and young children. She has listened intently and picked up on key pieces of information. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone wanting support in reaching their health goals."


"After suffering from debilitating health issues for a long time and not getting the help and guidance that I needed, it was such a relief to find Rachel. She is understanding of my individual history, symptoms and feelings regarding my health and I no longer feel hopeless or alone in my healing journey.

With Rachel, I am comfortable talking through my issues and concerns and whenever a new concept is introduced, she is able to explain it in a way that is easy to understand and not at all intimidating. Overall, I feel in a better place about my health, having Rachel to help me to address and understand my treatment plan.

I look forward to every appointment!"



Who is The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program for?


This program is for you if…

  • You are tired of being in pain, bloated and uncomfortable without understanding why or what has caused it.

  • You’re overwhelmed by the huge amount of conflicting health and dietary advice available and don’t know where to begin.

  • You are consumed with feelings of fear, anxiety and embarrassment at every meal time.

  • You are frustrated with the amount of time and money you have spent on trial and error supplements and diets without any success.

  • You would love to wear anything you like knowing that by the end of the day you will still feel slim, comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Who is The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program NOT for?


This is NOT for you if…


  • You want instant results and are impatient with your body’s healing journey.

  • You are not ready to put yourself first and make the necessary changes to achieve the health and happiness you deserve.

  • You are content living with regular pain, discomfort, bloating or irregular bowel motions.

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding. There are several herbs and nutrients not safe for use at this time. Enjoy this precious time nurturing your little one.

What's different about this program to everything else out there? 


What sets The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program apart from anything else is the level of support, structure and expertise you receive.


This is NOT a cookie cutter approach where you are given generalised, superficial and band-aid advice, rather it is personalised program where your health is treated and supported from the root cause.

From the many options available, my expertise enables me to choose the most appropriate functional and pathology tests and dietary, supplement and lifestyle advice that is unique to your health needs.

It is through working one-on-one me, qualified professional who has your health and safety as my number one priority, that you can finally receive the specific care your health needs for long lasting results. 

Can you claim on private health insurance? 


Yes, you can. As a qualified and registered nutritionist, you may be able to claim on consultations if your private health insurance covers nutrition. Please check your individual health provider for details.


Is it worth the investment?

How much has your health cost you from investing in health books, diet plans and supplements that haven’t worked? Hundreds? Thousands of dollars?


If you haven't spent thousands on unsuccessful treatments, perhaps your health has cost you differently. Think about the personal cost to your relationships, loss of quality time with family or missed job promotions due to your inability to put your best foot forward.

The truth is, there your health is costing you in some way. I’m here offering the opportunity for you to invest in a program that makes that expensive hope-filled process of trial and error a thing of your past.

Am I ready to commit?

Committing to a program signifies that you are ready to start putting yourself first, no more excuses, wailing motivation or wishy-washy attempts at 'getting better'. 


You’ve had enough and you are serious this time, so what better way to commit than investing in a program that has been purposely created to see you reach your goals. 


I am 100% in your corner giving you the tools, skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


Will I have enough time?

How much time are you currently wasting on trial and error, consulting Google, listening to podcasts and visiting health food stores? If it is more than 20 minutes a week, then you are actually saving time working with me.


Each day you can also wake up knowing you have an individualised plan, all laid out for you, think about the mental and emotional energy you are saving!

Can this really get me the results I want?

Honesty, transparency and realistic expectations is what I am about and the truth is, achieving all your health goals can be tricky and takes time.


Why no guarantee? The healing journey is completely different for everyone. When you acknowledge the many influences that make up health including genetics, diet, stress, social wellbeing, exercise, biochemistry and toxin exposure, you can see why this process is highly variable. 


It is for this very reason The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program is individualised to your needs and provides the opportunity to transition off program work to maintenance consultations to continue your health journey.


My health is complicated, will this work for me? 

My years of clinical experience working alongside integrative GPs has meant I have worked with all sorts of people. Many of which believe they are ‘too sick and difficult to fix’.  Whilst I appreciate the individual complexities you may bring, this simply means we need to dig deeper for answers and adapt our approach to find the right support for you. 


Together we will work to empower you with the skills, knowledge and insights needed to start healing even if you have seen several practitioners, tried countless diets and supplements without success.

Are testing and supplements included in the price of the program?


The cost of testing as well as herbal and nutritional supplements are in addition to the cost to The Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program.

Can I trust this person?


The trust you place in me as your practitioner and is of the highest honour and something I take very seriously. The ability to be a called a registered and qualified naturopath and nutritionist is due to the following:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) distinction

  • Bachelor of Public Health (Nutrition)

  • Qualified SIBO practitioner​

  • CIRS/Mould Aware Health Health Professional

  • Quantum Reflex Analysis - Level 1 & 2 

  • dermaviduals®: dermatological skin care training

  • Accredited member of Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA)

  • Registered practitioner with Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists (ANRANT)


"Her approach to health is very holistic and involves both traditional and evidence-based practice. Her experience really shines through during clinic appointments and I would recommend anyone wanting health advice to see Rachel."


"Rachel is an amazing naturopath. Caring, passionate and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her services to anyone as she has helped me so much."


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