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5 Tips To Increase Diet Diversity To Boost Your Gut and Microbiome Health

Did you know that for you to have a healthy gut and microbiome you need to be eating 40+different plant based foods per week?

Unfortunately, most of us stay with what we know and hardly reach the goal of 40. To help you keep your microbiome happy using your diet here are five ways you increase diversity in your diet.

WTF? What The... Fibre! (Facts From A Gut Expert)

Have you ever thought, ‘WTF?’, when confronted with all the different types of fibre?

Of course, I mean, ‘What The Fibre?!’.

I get it, it’s confusing. And as a Gut Expert, I spend lots of time explaining to clients the differences between fibres and how each contributes to gut health. Whether you’re treating leaky gut, IBS, SIBO or some other digestive issue, it’s essential you know the WTF basics.

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