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Fudgy Chocolate Ice-Cream (That's Actually Good For Your Gut)

I’m not joking! These ice-creams are actually good for your gut. For anyone with gut issues, especially those with IBS, SIBO and leaky gut it’s hard to eat delicious food without causing uncomfortable bloating and debilitating symptoms.  This original recipe is low sugar, refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and low FODMAP.

Raw Black Forest Dessert

Did you know that Black Forest Dessert can help you treat leaky gut?

It’s 100% true! But, there is one caveat…

As a Gut Expert and Naturopath, I understand how some desserts can screw up your digestion, trigger gut symptoms, and instigate a range of inflammatory reactions that make you feel bloated and yuk. Sorry, but the standard black forest cake recipe that you know and love fits into this category.

Chilli Non Carne (Help Your Leaky Gut Using This Recipe)

Did you know that one of the BEST ways to help treat leaky gut is to minimise your red meat intake?

It’s true… but, before you make assumptions and think that the best Naturopath in Melbourne (a cute title given to me by my client this morning) is suggesting you become vegetarian – think again.

How To Make A Smoothie That Helps Leaky Gut (6 Pro Tips From The ‘Best Naturopath In Melbourne’)

Did you know the humble smoothie can help treat Leaky Gut, IBS, SIBO and many other gut conditions?... But only if you’re making them correctly.

You see, all smoothies are not created equal.

Have you ever noticed that you feel a bit yuk after drinking a smoothie, or that your digestive symptoms flare up?

That could be because you’re not aware of the best practices when it comes to gut health and smoothie creation.

Raspberry Crumble Bressert (What Nigella Lawson Won’t Tell You About This Recipe)

While Nigella Lawson is Queen of the kitchen, she’s not exactly the person you’d consult when looking for a sweet recipe that treats leaky gut or SIBO.

Instead, you’d turn to a Gut Expert or Naturopath (like me) who intimately understands the connection between the food you eat, how it’s digested, and the impact it has on your health.

Enter this gluten free Raspberry Crumble recipe. Or, as I prefer to call it, Raspberry Crumble BRESSERT – because it's bursting with so much gut-loving nutrition that it’s ideal for both breakfast and dessert.

Help Your Leaky Gut Using This Crunchy Breakfast Granola Recipe

Breakfast granola is delicious.

But, it’s usually a no-no if you’re trying to treat leaky gut.


Because many granolas are made from ingredients that ‘hurt’ your gut and leave you feeling bloated, fatigued and looking for the nearest toilet.

This Crunchy Breakfast Granola recipe is different though.

It’s extraordinarily good for gut healing and can even help you treat leaky gut syndrome.

Healthy Vegan Chocolate

As a holistic gut health expert, I am all about recreating some of my favourite treats to be healthier without compromising on taste. It's fun and I love the challenge.

This raw chocolate recipe is, hands down, an absolute favourite of mine. Created to be easy and quick to make and, of course, delicious. It is refined sugar, gluten and dairy free and vegan friendly - winning!

Pomegranate and Quinoa Salad
Salads don't have to be boring, in fact, if you find salad boring, you're doing it wrong.
You can have so much fun with fresh vibrant vegetables paired with wholesome grains and simply delicious dressings, the days of just having lettuce and tomato are well and truly over.

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