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How To Socialise And Travel When You Suffer From Bloating: Tips From Australia's Bloating Naturopath

Eating out, socialising with loved ones and traveling without the bloat is pretty much a mission impossible if you suffer from IBS, SIBO or bloating. But this is no way to live!

To help you feel like yourself again and have the confidence and freedom to travel and eat, here are my top bloat relieving hacks.

8 Healthy Foods That Are Secretly Causing Your Bloating: A Gut Expert’s Guide
Isn’t it confusing when you clean up your diet and start eating more of the foods you’ve been told will help heal your gut, yet your bloating becomes ten times worse. I promise you're not crazy, let me share with you the top eight foods that are secretly triggering your bloat, why this is happening and how you can treat it.
WTF? What The... Fibre! (Facts From A Gut Expert)

Have you ever thought, ‘WTF?’, when confronted with all the different types of fibre?

Of course, I mean, ‘What The Fibre?!’.

I get it, it’s confusing. And as a Gut Expert, I spend lots of time explaining to clients the differences between fibres and how each contributes to gut health. Whether you’re treating leaky gut, IBS, SIBO or some other digestive issue, it’s essential you know the WTF basics.

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